SLANGMAN  Street Speak 3

SLANGMAN   Street Speak 3   (50 レッスン)


中級~上級者向け (英検準2級~1級 レベル)



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▮ Contents



Lesson 1 ~ Lesson 4


  1. That girl over there kept smiling at me, so I walked over to say hello but she ignored me! Maybe she’sjust playing hard to get.
  2. That guy over there is checking you out. I think he likes you!
  3. If you’re going to tell Earl you don’t want to see him anymore, try to let him down easy.
  4. I introduced myself to the new girl in our class and she blew me off!
  5. Carol’s husband was coming on to me! She’d be so upset if she found out!
  6. My brother fixed me up with his best friend last night. It was the best date I ever had!
  7. I can’t believe you used such an old pick-up line on that girl. No wonder she rejected you!
  8. Every time I ask a girl on a date, I strike out. Maybe I’m too aggressive.
  9. Bill and I hit it off the moment we met. We’ve been together ever since.
  10. Kim just ended a relationship and is on the rebound. She wants a boyfriend desperately!



  Lesson 5 ~ Lesson 8


  1. Is that a ring on your finger?! Did David finally pop the question?
  2. Brenda is dating a guy who’s twenty years younger than she is. She’s really robbing the


  1. I think Monica has a sugar daddy. She doesn’t have a job but she wears new expensive clothes and jewelry every day!
  2. Look at them kissing and touching like that in public. Get a room!
  3. Nancy and Dominic just got hitched. They’re spending their honeymoon in Hawaii!
  4. Fran is crazy about Dan. She thinks about him all the time.
  5. You and Mitch have been seeing each other for years. When are you finally going to

shack up?

  1. I heard that Kim had a baby! Who knocked her up?
  2. I just saw your brother and Jenny making out! I didn’t know they were dating!
  3. Tom and Patty are so different! How long have they been going together.


3   JANE AND MIKE BROKE UP !  Lesson 9 ~ Lesson 12


  1. When Ann found out that her boyfriend cheated on her, she dropped him like a hot potato.
  2. When Pam divorced Doug, she took Doug to the cleaners!
  3. John and Anne had a big fight, but I’m sure they’ll be able to patch things up.
  4. It’s a good idea to sign a pre-nup before getting married. It can make things a lot easier if the marriage doesn’t work out.
  5. Ted’s father has a mistress?! Does his mother know!? Doesn’t she mind sharing her husband?!
  6. Ginger goes to bed with a different guy every night. She’s such a tramp!
  7. After ten years of marriage, Vivian and Al broke up!
  8. Did you know Greg had an affair behind Cathy’s back?! I wonder who the other woman is!
  9. I’m not surprised Jim and Peg ended their relationship. Their marriage has been on the rocks for a long time.
  10. Scott was in bed with another woman when his wife came in and busted him!



4   TOM IS WAY OFF BASE !  Lesson 13 ~ Lesson 17


I was having the nicest dinner with Jason when suddenly he made a comment that came out

of left field!

  1. We need to tackle this problem before our next meeting.
  2. Bob told the boss that I come to work late every day just so that he would get the promotion

instead of me. That’s dirty pool!

  1. If you think I’d go on a date with you again after the way you behaved last time, you’re

off base!

  1. I just can’t seem to find a job anywhere. I’m ready to throw in the towl.
  2. Dan tries to score with all the new girls in our class. He’s such an animal!
  3. Al went shopping for a new home and bought the first one he saw right off the bat!
  4. I have to leave but I’ll touch base with you tonight. Talk to you later!
  5. Gilbert refuses to pay me the money he owes me. Well, I’m ready to play hardball. I’m

going to contact an attorney to help me!

  1. I apologized to Steve three times and he still won’t talk to me. I’m finished trying. The

ball’s in his court now.

  1. I thought Ted was going to give me good news. Instead, he told me he got fired. He really

threw me a curve!

  1. Chris cheated me! He’ll be sorry. I’m going to settle the score if it’s the last thing I do!



Lesson 18 ~ Lesson 22


  1. Sharon and Irv are gung-ho about their new house!
  2. My niece is already in kindergarten and she’s only three years old.
  3. Baking has always been Bertha’s forte. She bakes the most amazing cakes!
  4. My girlfriend works in a clothing boutique in Beverly Hills.
  5. You won’t believe what Ralph said to me today, and this is verbatim…
  6. Ever since Eric started bodybuilding, he thinks he’s super macho.
  7. Laurie is so blasé about everything. Nothing gets her excited any more.
  8. I felt tremendous angst during my job interview!
  9. Tina is such a prima donna. If she doesn’t get everything she wants, including everyone’s

attention, she gets upset.

  1. All three of us are best friends. There was camaraderie between us instantly.
  2. My uncle is such a klutz. He always has stupid, little accidents.
  3. Our new boss expects everyone to kowtow to him. He really enjoys that kind of power!



KNICK-KNACKS !   Lesson 23 ~ Lesson 27


  1. Frances told me the same story over and over about how she got robbed on vacation.
  2. If you look closely at my new dress, you can see a criss-cross pattern on it.
  3. After Don was told he won the lottery, he couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear!
  4. Did you see the party dress Mary is wearing? It’s so froufrou!
  5. I have a mishmash of reports I have to read by tomorrow morning!
  6. I met Karen on the Internet. Tomorrow we’re going to meet face to face.
  7. My uncle’s house is always spic-and-span. You’ll never find dirt in his house!
  8. My aunt’s house is filled with knick-knacks. It’s hard to find a place to sit!
  9. I never wear shoes to the beach. I always wear my flip-flops.
  10. Don’t believe everything a car salesperson tells you. They’re not always on the up and up.
  11. Every time I see Lucy, she goes on and on about how talented she is and how she wants to be an actress.
  12. Did you meet the new employee this morning? He’s an out and out idiot! He can’t do anything right.
  13. I saw Ernie at the office party last night. We chit-chatted for almost two hours.
  14. Carl eats ice cream and potato chips all day. He’s a real junk food junkie!



 Lesson 28 ~ Lesson 32


  1. Those are my favorite actors! I’m going to get their autographs!
  2. My sister is a flight attendant. She travels everywhere!
  3. If we’re not careful about protecting the earth, humankind could be in terrible trouble!
  4. Jack and Irene became husband and wife fifty years ago.
  5. George is a great comedian. He’s so funny!
  6. If anyone wants information about our company, Janice is our spokesperson.
  7. Al is a self-made person. He built a big company by himself.
  8. I just saw Brad on television reporting the news. He’s an anchor on a big television station.
  9. There’s a fire in that building! Call a firefighter! Hurry!
  10. My first day as a police officer, I arrested a major criminal!
  11. I’m only a frosh in college. I have another three years to go.
  12. I’m going to let you run the company while I’m on vacation.
  13. Where’s the mail carrier? I’m expecting an important letter.
  14. We don’t have enough personnel to finish all this work.



 Lesson 33 ~ Lesson 38


  1. Donna has been trying to become an actor for years. Well, today she finally got her big break! A producer offered her a big part in a movie!
  2. Why are you going to see that movie? I hear it’s a real dog!
  3. Alice didn’t get a big part. It was just a walk-on.
  4. My dad’s a performer. He’s been in show biz all his life.
  5. When the elephants came out dressed as movie stars, it was a show-stopper!
  6. I saw this episode already. It’s a rerun.
  7. My uncle loves watching his favorite series every Wednesday night.
  8. Although Al only has a oneliner, I know he’ll get a huge reaction from the audience!
  9. Many silent film actors were known for mugging since there was no sound.
  10. That television pilot was great! I hope it becomes a regular program!
  11. If a television show is really popular, oftentimes a spinoff is created.
  12. I love sitcoms because I love to laugh and be entertained.
  13. Did you see the spoof on Raiders of the Lost Arc last night? It was hilarious!
  14. John thinks he’s a great actor but he’s nothing but a ham!
  15. I don’t like slapstick comedies. I prefer comedies that rely on great dialogue to make you laugh!




 Lesson 39 ~ Lesson 44


  1. I need to leave. I have to meet Dan at noon. I’ll call you tonight. Late.
  2. Hi, Steve! What up? I haven’t seen you in a long time!
  3. You think Bob is smart? Hello! He’s the dumbest person I’ve ever met!
  4. Anne is telling lies about me?! Whatever. No one believes anything she says anyway.
  5. Did you see the new employee? What a hottie!
  6. I’m going to go home and kick it for a few hours.
  7. I’m tired of working 24-7. I need to find a new job. o’clock in the morning
  8. I didn’t realize it was so late. I need to bail.
  9. If Bob thinks he’s going to get an “A” on the final, he’s tripping! He hardly ever attended class!
  10. You should have seen the way Mindy dissed the teacher today! She’s the most disobedient student in our school.
  11. Hey, girlfriend! Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in such a long time!
  12. I can’t believe Jonathan forgot my birthday. I am so not speaking to him ever again!
  13. Charlie was upset to discover his blind date was tore up!
  14. When I saw Judy today, she was all, “It’s so good to see you!” I know that she doesn’t even like me!
  15. Did you hear the news? Susan is dating Sam? Why would she do that? He’s like so weird!



  Lesson 45 ~ Lesson 50


  1. Lie down on the ground and spread them!
  2. Stop running away! Freeze!
  3. You won the lottery? Give it a rest! You’re such a liar!
  4. I’m tired of you saying mean things about Carl all the time.

Can it!

  1. That guy who walked into the bank has a gun! It’s a stick-up!
  2. Is that a gold watch you’re wearing? Hand it over!
  3. This is the criminal we’ve been looking for. Cuff him!
  4. Get your hands in the air! Now don’t move!
  5. Stay where you are and no funny business! Do exactly as I say. suspicious
  6. I hear gun shots! Drop!
  7. If you don’t chill out, you’re going to get an ulcer! You need to learn how to relax.
  8. If you don’t give me your wallet right now, I’m going to let you have it!
  9. Stand over there! One false move, and you’ll be sorry!
  10. Show me where you keep your safe! Move it!
  11. Watch out! He has a gun!