IELTS バンドスコア 7+ 対策法!  語彙の豊富さ Collocation / Phrasal Verb (17)

IELTS スピーキング バンドスコア 7+対策法  語彙の豊富さ
Collocation /  Phrasal Verb  (17)


IELTS スピーキングの採点基準「 Lexical Resource (Vocabulary)  語彙の豊富さ」で

高い評価を得るために、 Collocation /  Phrasal Verb の習得が必須です。

● Collocation -  単語と単語のよく使われる組み合わせ

● Phrasal Verb - 「get up → 起きる」のように動詞と前置詞の組み合わせ

名詞 + 動詞   Collocations 

以下3つの Collocation は 名詞 + 動詞 の組み合わせです。


Housekeeper cleans

My boss has been looking for a housekeeper that can clean her place.

School requires

The school requires all students to submit their requirements before or on April 30.

☑ Parents guide

It’s a common knowledge that parents guide their children to be good citizens of the society.

試験で使える!Collocation /  Phrasal Verb 「 HYGIENE 」

▮質問 1

Who cleans your house?


 I have an interesting story about that. When my brother and I were young, we had a great help at home. Our housekeeper cleaned the house It had been so easy for us. We got out of bed, and she made the bed. We had our breakfast ready, and we just had to eat and go or play. When we reach our teenage years, our mom decided that we should learn about life, and do things on our own. Our housekeeper also got married, and mom doesn’t want to find a replacement. Fortunately or unfortunately, from then, we were left to clean up the rooms, the house, and the yard Everybody, including my mom and dad, had to divide everything. It wasn’t that bad We got used to it

◇◇◇ ◇◇◇ ◇◇◇ ◇◇◇ ◇◇◇ ◇◇◇ ◇◇◇ ◇◇◇ ◇◇◇ ◇◇◇ ◇◇◇ ◇◇◇

▮質問 2

Describe a time you had a general

cleaning. You should say:

  • where it was
  • who the people with you
  • what the purpose was

And how you felt about it.


A lot of schools require students to participate in a cleanup day It’s the time when we had to clean off everything. It’s not as bad as you might think because it was actually fun. I remember all the students were out in class and got their cleaning tools ready. Then, I heard teachers giving instructions on where to start and how to do things Usually, the teacher divided the class into groups like the window team, the table team, the chair team, etc. This sort of activity is given to promote hygiene and camaraderie among students It also encourages tactics and efficiency. At that time, I didn’t seem to agree because work and I simply didn’t blend in. But in retrospect, it makes sense. And don’t get me wrong, I didn’t like cleaning, but I liked the atmosphere of the activity. It was lively and exciting. Plus, I didn’t get to study! That was the best part I can remember.

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