IELTSリーディング Tips⑪

Written/Edited by Shanti Esther A. Bonachita
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To hit a band score of 8 and up, one must  get at least 35 right answers out of the 40 questions. In IELTS reading section focusing on the time is always vital. Here are some tips you need to remember when taking the Reading section.
First of all, you must know how to begin. Always go through the text and gain a good understanding about the main idea of the passage. Then, read the questions carefully at least twice until you understand what it is asked. To get efficient answers, it is wise to identify which questions belong to which paragraphs. Also, you can write a note for each paragraph that will serve as your guide to the questions you need to answer. This will help you save time to search for important points and answer them easier.
Second of all, you must know how to deal with difficult questions. In situation like this, it is best to leave and turn to other sections and fill out the blanks. Once you finish the easy questions, you can get back to the difficult ones and try to concentrate,think clearly and focus to the question/s.
Thirdly, guessing can help even if you think that your answer/s are incorrect. Since wrong answers are not counted to your points, there is still a probability that answers you think are not “sure” can still be right.
Lastly, do not re-think of your answers. There are times when taking the test, takers dwell too much on the questions that are already answered  and change them because they think it is not right. First answers can be correct but chances are that  the wrongs ones can be chosen if you rethink your answers.  However, like in all sections, it’s always best to review and read through the answers especially when there is more time left to do it.
1. In which country does  require IELTS for immigration purposes?
a. USA
b. Ireland
c. New Zealand

IELTS リーディング Tips⑩  目標バンド 7

Written/Edited by: Shanti Esther 
オンライン英会話  マイチューター


▮ バンドスコア 7  を狙うには !

IELTSリーディングセクションで バンドスコア 「7」 を狙うには、とにかく様々なジャンルの論説、文章を毎日読むことです。
数多くの書物を毎日読むうえで、注意すべきはそのスピードです。 わからない単語がいくつかでできても止まることなく読み進め、著者の考え、主張を正確に捉えることが大切です。
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To get a band score of 7 it is always advisable to read various articles  especially for IELTS reading section which requires intelligence to get a high score. By doing so, you have to remember the new words or expressions that you learn from the texts to increase a good range of vocabulary. Moreover, paying attention to the grammar structure with complete understanding is helpful too especially to your writing.
If you already mastered the essential tools in reading, skimming and scanning, catching the main idea of the text is the third important key to get a high band. How to do this? Practice reading, reading and reading. If doing it rarely, it is impossible to easily catch the main ideas of the passages in a time limited test. It would be suggestive to practice reading test everyday and develop the skills of understanding the main idea of the passage. Intensive reading  is notably essential when you are asked tough questions or even sentences that require complete comprehension  such as true or false questions wherein a single word can change the meaning of the sentence.
A lot of IELTS takers who got a band score of 7 in Reading developed the skill of speed reading which is a plus point to this section. However, in a short passage of 500 words  as you read it too fast but you have to read it again, not to mention encountering 5 or more unfamiliar words, then there is no reason to do speed reading. Always remember that the most important thing in this section is to understand the main ideas and the details and remember them as much as you can. In addition, if there’s an extra time left and before you finish the reading section and answer the questions don’t forget to check or review your answers especially the missed items.
As the saying goes “practice makes perfect”is far no different to practice reading for the IELTS test. An eager one should be concentrating on the weak points and build up a strong character  of not giving up , and in no time the  band of 7 is bound to come your way.
Keep  up the good work!

  1. Aside from Australia, UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and USA in what country is IELTS also accepted  for academic admission?

a. Philippines
b. India
c. France