IELTS バンドスコア 7+ 対策法!  ディスコースマーカー 3  「 類似」「 対比」

IELTS スピーキング バンドスコア 7+対策法 ディスコースマーカー 3     「 類似 Compare」「 対比 Contrast」

IELTS スピーキングの採点基準「Fluency and coherence : 流暢さと首尾一貫性」で








ディスコースマーカー機能表現 類似(Compare )

like ~(~のように)

just like ~ / just as ~(ちょうど~のように)




in the same way(同様に)

parallel to(~と平行して、~と同様に)

ディスコースマーカー  機能表現  対比(Contrast ) 

while / whereas(一方で)

some ~ others …(あるものは~他のものは…)

one ~ another …(一方は/もう一つは)

one ~ the other …(一方は/他方は)

the former ~ the latter …(前者は~後者は…)

on the other hand(他方)


on the contrary(その反対に)

unlike ~(~とは違って)

at the same time(それと同時に、その一方で)

A, in[by] contrast, B = in contrast to[with] A, B(A に対して B)

(as) compared to(~と比べると)

not A but B(A ではなく B)

not A, instead, B = instead of A, B(A ではなく B)

not A, rather, B = rather than A, B(A ではなく B)

not A, on the contrary, B(A ではない。それどころかむしろ B)


● Sample 1:

We don’t have a lot of green tea bags orders this month, on the contrary, many are buying coffee beans.

Explanation: There are opposing demands. Few people want green tea while many wants coffee beans.

● Sample 2:

It’s wrong to think that people who live in the countryside are poor; equally, people in the city are not all rich.

Explanation: It talks about two things that can be viewed the same.

Drill  ドリル 


1.        The participants during the Christmas tree lighting are very active.  Yet, we have fewer people this year. 2.       She didn’t forgive her boyfriend even though he was promising not to cheat on her ever again. 3.       There are two candidates for the vacant position.  These two are both graduates of business and are also top of their class.  4.       Young people want to get older faster and it likewise that adults want to relive their teenage years. 5.      The first company that I’ve applied for offers a good play whereas the second company has flexible time.  I’m confused what to choose.