5分でわかる!ライティング Task 2 基礎編 目的語になる名詞節

IELTS Writing Task 2 Basic    Noun Clauses   Direct Object

IELTSのライティングTask 2の採点基準「Grammatical Range and Accuracy


複文(complex sentences)を使うことが必要です。

今回は目的語になる名詞節   (Noun Clauses   Direct Object )を使うことで複文を書くことを学んでいきます。 



主語 + 動詞 + 目的語(名詞節)

● Study: Definition


Explanation: Subjects will be green, the verbs in blue, and the objects in red.

For example:

The history book describes how England became the first industrialized nation.

Again, an NC has a subject and a verb (and possibly an object)

how England became the first industrialized nation.

● II. Study:  試験で使える! 接続詞 that  + 名詞節

that以下の文(=taxes on travel flights must be taxed heavily.)がこれだけで「渡航税に重税を課すべきだ」と S + V の構造になっていて完全な文になっています。

また、接続詞 that は省略することもできます。

1. Some people believe that taxes on travel flights must be taxed heavily.

2. Others think that increasing levy on these travel accommodations could not solve pollution problems.

3. In fact, a study from Harvard University shows that more people who work on shifts suffer from higher level of stress.

4. Most schools today claim that extra classes for students allow them to be helped in their weaker subject areas.