5分でわかる!ライティング Task 2 基礎編  hypothetical situations 仮定条件

IELTS Writing Task 2 Basic   hypothetical situations 仮定条件

IELTSのライティングTask 2では、問題文に対し hypothetical situations (仮定条件)


現実とは違うことを表したり、将来を推量するためにwould ,could





● 例文 (仮定法過去)

If I had a of of money, I would buy a Ferrari.



If I had enough time and money, I would travel around the world.



● 例文 (仮定法過去完了)

She would have died if the climber had not found her.



Study: 試験で使える! hypothetical situations 仮定条件 

▮ 例文

1. If the government spent money on hospitals, people would be healthier.

2. There could be a cleaner environment if local residents abide the laws that keep the surroundings pristine.

3. Solutions could (only) be achieved if the government and the citizens collaborate.


Sample Paragraph

Due to the growing number of cars, the amount of toxic gas emitted increases which could lead to the worsening of greenhouse gas effect. If the government improves the public transportation, the commuters would not only be able to relish the services of mass transport, but they could also give up using their private cars. When this is realized, the detrimental effects of greenhouse gas caused by heavy emissions of gaseous fumes would be lessened, and road congestion would also decline.