5分でわかる!ライティング Task 2 基礎編  Synonyms 同意語

IELTS Writing Task 2 Basic   Synonyms  同意語・類義語 

IELTSのライティングTask 2の採点基準「Lexical Resource  語彙の豊富さ  (25%)」でスコアが計算されますので、「Synonyms  同意語・類義語 」を使ってスコアアップにつなげましょう。



Engage: 問題を読んで、パラフレイズ(言い換え)を使ってイントロダクションを書いてみます。

▮ IELTSライティング Task2    問題

Intelligent machines such as robots are widely applied to take the place of human beings.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages.


As technology continue to evolve, the growth of industrial machines rapidly increases. This has been observed by the rise of robots that can do some human activities where these intelligent machines are now used across industries to replace workers. There can be advantages to this, but this also presents some major social issues.

1. widely applied – rise of robots, now used across

2. take place – replace

3. human beings – workers

Study: 試験で使える! Synonyms  同意語・類義語

There has been a heated debate whether computers will be integrated in classes or going back to traditional methods in teaching. Others argue that having computers in the class could impede student’s learning in reading and writing, while some explains that these modern technology aid in their overall academic learning. I partially agree with this argument that computers aid learners in their overall academic performance.