5分でわかる!ライティング Task 2 基礎編  Intransitive Verbs 自動詞

IELTS Writing Task 2 Basic   Intransitive   Verbs 自動詞

Intransitive   Verbs (自動詞)とは、


例えば、walk, go, come, flyなどです。




I go to school.

My friends come to my house.


▮ 自動詞を使った 例文

It has been observed that flights for leisure has gone increasingly high, and this may have a negative impact to the environment, however, others disagree (intransitive verb) with this (not a receiver of the action). They claim that pollution emerge (intransitive verb) from many areas (not a receiver of the action) and emission from flights only contributes a marginal effect to the environment.

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