キャロル・キャドウォラダー:ブレグジットにおけるFacebookの役割とは ― 民主主義に対する脅威


Part 1 (Comprehension Questions with Sample Answer):

  1. What good facilities did the European Union fund in Ebbw Vale?
  2. How many percent of people voted to leave the European Union?
  3. What reasons did the man whom the lecturer met in front of the sports center say of why he voted to leave the European Union?
  4. Where did the entire referendum take place, according to the lecturer?
  5. Who did the parliament ask multiple times to come to Britain and to give the answers about the referendum that happened in Britain?
  6. What kind of lie was set as an example of misinformation found on Facebook about leaving the European Union?
  7. According to the lecturer, what was the biggest danger in South Wales 100 years ago?
  8. What seems to disrupts electoral laws?
  9. What affects the decisions of the people when it comes to leaving the European Union?
  10. What does the lecturer say about democracy in a technologically advanced world?

Part 2 (Express Yourself Questions):

  1.  Do you have a Facebook account?
  2. How often do you check your Facebook account?
  3. How many friends do you have on Facebook?
  4. What do you do on Facebook?
  5. What’s the best thing about Facebook?
  6. What’s something you don’t like about Facebook?
  7. What type of political system does your country have?
  8. Does the Internet promote democracy?
  9. What has been the impact of the Internet on the democratic process?
  10. What role does social media play in politics?
  11. How does social media affect public policy?
  12. Do you know any story about a problem because of Facebook?
  13. How do you protect your privacy on Facebook?
  14. How does facebook affect juveniles all over the world?
  15. How can facebook be a means for crimes?
  16. What do you think will happen if facebook will shut down suddenly and would never come back?
  17. Do you think people now are too obsessed on using social networking sites?
  18. How did facebook affect or change your life?
  19. What are the advantages of facebook in our society?
  20. What limitations should be set for using facebook?

Part 3 (Activity):

Vocabulary Match