Part 1 (Comprehension Questions with Sample Answer):


  1. Based on the speaker’s talk; what does the new study say about drinking coffee?
  1. How much does the federal government spend on research every year?
  2. How many percent of that goes to public research universities as per National Science Foundation?
  1. In what year does she say that one of the companies made 1.5 billion dollars in profit?
  1. Who made an open-access research searchable and easier to find?


Part 2 (Express Yourself Questions):

1 What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘research’?
2 What would you like to research?
3 How important is research?
4 What are a few things you have researched recently?
5 Would you like to work as a researcher?
6 What would you like your government to spend more money on
7 What things do you think humans first started researching?
8 How many answers are there still to find and how many things still to
9 What are the biggest breakthroughs researchers have made recently?
10 Does research always lead to positive things?
11 What is market research? Do you like being surveyed by market
12 What are your views on stem cell research?
13 What do you think a medical researcher does on an average day?
14 What do you think about using animals for research?
15 Do you think that some research your government pays for is totally
16 Have you ever had to write a research paper?
17 Do you like online research?
18 A research project found out that teenagers were moody. What do you
think of people getting paid to find this out?
19 What piece of research would you like to do on your class/family/friends
20 Would you volunteer to be a guinea pig in laboratory research of new
medicines or medical treatments?

Part 3 (Activity):

Vocabulary Match


  1. blogger
  2. abstract
  3. legitimate
  4. pundit
  5. adjunct
  6. extraordinaire
  7. profit
  8. status quo
  9. paywall
  10. constituent

A. theoretical; not applied or practical
B.  a website containing a writer’s or group of
writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions,
etc., and often having images and links to other
C.  something added to another thing but not essential to it
D.  having power to frame or alter a political
constitution or fundamental law, distinguished
from lawmaking power
E. pecuniary gain resulting from the
employment of capital in any transaction
F. uncommon; remarkable
G.  a system in which access to all or part of
a website is restricted to paid subscribers
H.he existing state or condition
I.  n accordance with established rules,
principles, or standard
J.  a person who makes comments or judgments,
especially in an authoritative manner;
critic or commentator