Question: ステイシー・スミス: ハリウッドに潜む性差別のデータ

Part 1 (Comprehension Questions ):


  1. What is the pressing social issue? 

2. Is storytelling important?

  1. Why is it important?


  1. What did she learn 10 years ago?


  1. How many investigations they’ve conducted?


  1. What is the good news for this crowd?


  1. Why is it so difficult to have female directors if they’re part of the solution?


  1. What are the wake of franchise successes examples?


  1. What if those A-listers simply added an equity clause or an inclusion rider into their contract?

10. What would happen if the next generation of audiences grew up with a whole different screen reality?

Part 2 (Express Yourself Questions):

  1. Do you like watching movies?
  2.  What kinds of movie are you interested in?
  3.  Have you ever seen a movie with a female lead character?
  4.  How do you think Japanese movies and Hollywood movies differ when it comes to gender roles?
  5.  Who is your favorite movie actor and actress?
  6.  Do you agree that films can not only transport us, but films can also transform us?
  7.  What comes to mind when you hear the word director? Are they always associated as boys?
  8.  What do you think is the reason why females are far more likely to be sexualized in film than their male counterparts?
  9.  What are the usual roles woman gotten in the film?
  10. . Movies exist so producers can have money. Agree or disagree?
  11. . Cite the difference between what man and what woman want in movies.
  12. . Do you think that in the future sexism in entertainment media can be eliminated?
  13. . What do you think is the best way to promote the roles of women in media?

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