Question: ジョナサン・マークス: 政府は企業と協力するのではなく争うべきである

Part 1 (Comprehension Questions):

  1. How did he describe human rights in his speech?


  1. How did he describe conflict?


  1. What is his view about compromise is good; that conflict is bad but


  1. Who are referred to as the framers? What are their concerns?


  1. Explain: The constitution is “an invitation to struggle.” How and why?


  1. What were his examples of collaboration and collusion between government

7. How was the importance of struggle recognized? 

  1. What was the serious problem addressed by United Nations? To whom did

they collaborate? Why did they decide to raise such problem?
9. What benefits did corporations receive from partnerships with governments?
10. How did collaborations and partnerships become the paradigm of public
11. What should be the main concern and responsibility of governments
when collaborating with industries? 
12 . Why did he suggest that sometimes we need to engage in conflict?

PART 2 (Express Yourself Questions):

  1. What are human rights? Where do they come from?
  2. Why should anyone respect them? Who is entitled of human rights?
  3. Who is exempted of human rights?
  4.  Why do we talk about human rights and not human responsibilities?
  5. How can defend our rights?
  6. Do you agree that constitutions will only invite struggles and hardships to its people?

7. Do you believe that corporations silently deprive us with our rights?
8. Do you believe in the sincerity of government to help its people?
9. Was there an instance that your rights were violated? How?
10. Do you think governments are doing their duty to protect the common
11. Would you accept a take-it-or-leave-it settlement in exchange for your
12. Would you fight for the rights of others?
13. Would you participate in taking actions in conflicts of your society? Why?