Questions : ランドール・マンロー: 「もし、こうだったら?」をマンガで問う

Part 1   (Comprehension Questions with Sample Answer):


  1. If a baseball is pitched at 90 percent of the speed of light, how long would it take to reach the home plate?
  2. What are the few things that we need to consider in order to figure out how big would Google’s data warehouse?
  3. What does the Google need to get the power they need?
  4. It is prohibited but people still do it when they visit a data center. What is it?
  5. What was Mr. Munroe’s estimation?
  6. How many characters can a punch card hold?
  7. How many punch cards can you fit into a box?
  8. How did Mr. Munroe figured out Google’s response?
  9. What was the Google’s response to the article about the punch cards?
  10. Before Mr. Munroe ended his speech, he talked about receiving a question from anonymous sender using what subject line?


Part 2   (Express Yourself Questions):


  1. Can you give an example of a hypothetical question?
  2. What do you think is the best and fastest way to hide a body? Can you do this one soon?
  3. Would you like to work at Google? Why? Why not?
  4. How do you relate to Randall Munroe’s talk about Google towards being the biggest usage server for websites?
  5. Would we be able to survive without using Google?
  6. Do you believe that Google has the answers to all our questions?
  7. Is everything written on the Google a fact?
  8. How do you filter the information you have read in the internet?
  9. In what way does Google take over our lives?
  10. According to Randell Munroe’s talk, it is said that Google is the world’s largest consumer. Aside from NSA, could you think of any other organizations as well?
  11. If you received a parcel from Google, what would be your reaction?
  12. What can you say about Google’s response to Mr. Munroe?
  13. Why do you think Google is so secretive about the size of its data pool?
  14. No matter how much information and data is stored, we are faced with the problem of retrieval. List as many characteristics of a great information retrieval program as you can and explain you answer to someone.
  15. Aside from money, electricity and number of servers, what do you think are the other factors you can suggest to Mr. Monroe?
  16. What do you think is unusual about combining math, science and comics? Explain your viewpoint to someone.
  17. Would it be a good idea if all the digital data in the world will be stored in punch cards?
  18. What do you think will happen if Google would be transparent with the information they have?
  19. Do you think all questions can be answered by math, science and comics?
  20. “If people had wheels and could fly, how would we differentiate them from airplanes?”


Part 3    Activity : Instruction:

Find the words for each description below and write it on the space provided. All words will occur horizontally or vertically – not diagonally.
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