Questions リチャード・セント・ジョン「成功は終わりなき旅」

Part 1   (Comprehension Questions with Sample Answer):


  1. What are the 8 traits of successful people have in common?

(1) Passion   ( 2) Work      (3 )  Focus    ( 4)  Push  ( 5)  Ideas   (6)  Improve   (7)  Serve   (8)  Persist

  1. What is being talked about the video?


  1. Why do so many people reach success and then fail?


  1. What were Richards’s mistakes, to lose a successful business?


  1. What happened in Richard’s life when he became the president of a successful company?


  1. What sides of being successful he disliked?


  1. What was the solution Richard found to fight his depression?


  1. Richard lost a successful business, and he stopped being successful, but he got all his back. What was the difference between the first time and the second time?


  1. What happened to the speaker when his first business failed?


  1. What sentence best describes the whole video?


Part 2   (Express Yourself Questions):


  1. What was your greatest achievement in life?
  2. Was it easy or difficult to achieve this success? What makes it easy or difficult?
  3. What qualities make a person successful? How do these qualities help a person become successful?
  4. If success is a journey not a destination, then what should be a destination?
  5. How is success a journey and not a destination?
  6. What successful people think about themselves?
  7. What do successful people think about all the time?
  8. In your own opinion is it normal to day dream about your success in the future?
  9. How do successful people think?
  10. Why does everyone look at the statistics or odds when thinking about becoming successful?
  11. Do successful entrepreneurs ever think “wow, what a wannabe” about people who want to have a business and be successful in it?
  12. How do 1 stop always thinking about success and at the last results are zero?
  13. How do successful people feel about their failures post-success?
  14. Success is not a destination but a journey. What is the real meaning of this phrase and how does it feel to have a journey towards success?
  15. Are there any successful people who credit their success to a book about attaining success?
  16. Is your idea of success the same as your parents’ idea of success?
  17. Do you think people focus too much on appearing to be successful?
  18. Can money buy happiness?
  19. Have there been any failures that made your life better?
  20. Is there a right time to give up and stop trying? Or should you never give up?


Part 3   (Activity): Vocabulary