Questions : エイミー・カディ: ボディランゲージが人を作る

Part 1  ( Comprehension Questions with Sample Answer):


  1. What are those two (2) hormones to become high-power alpha males in primate hierarchies powerful and effective leaders?
  2. How our bodies change our minds?
  3. What is the meaning of social quicksand?
  4. How to manipulate the person with a minimal level?
  5. How to mediate the effect?
  6. What is ―power posing‖ by Amy Cuddy?
  7. What happened to Amy when she was 19?
  8. Who was that teacher of hers in college who encourage her to become an impostor of her own self?
  9. After all the hard work and pain, who is she now in the society?
  10. What is that very thing Amy is trying to persuade ?


Part 2  (Express Yourself Questions):


  1. How your body language influences other people’s perceptions of you?
  2. How it affects your mind and hormones?
  3. How ―power posing‖ can help you ―fake it till you become it.‖?
  4. Why do you think body language is important?
  5. How do you use body language in your daily life?
  6. How does body language help you to communicate?
  7. How can you misinterpret someone’s body language?
  8. Do you try to use body language when you communicate in English?
  9. What actions are friendly? 10. What actions are not allowed?
  10. How do you signal that you’re bored? tired? angry?
  11. What are some gestures that you used when you were a child that you don’t use anymore?
  12. What gesture in your culture do you think is unique from other cultures?
  13. Do gestures help you to understand others and express yourself, or are they sometimes confusing and distracting?
  14. Can you say anything in sign language?
  15. Do you think body language is important?
  16. Can you understand something about a person’s personality by looking at their body language?
  17. Does your eye contact change according to the situation?
  18. Is body language different between men and women?
  19. Some people say ―you can know a person by their handshake‖. Do you agree? Part


Part 3 (Activity):  Vocabulary Match

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