Questions ゲリー・コバックス 「追跡者の追跡」

Part 1  (Comprehension Questions with Sample Answer):


  1. Who is tracking us?
  2. What is Collusion?
  3. How did Gary experimented collusion?
  4. How much do they really know about our life?
  5. What makes Gary Kovacs amazed to think about?


Part 2   (Express Yourself Questions):


  1. What do you think about Gary Kovacs Speech?
  2. Do you think its true?
  3. What would you do if you knew someone is tracking you?
  4. Have you tried having a stalker?
  5. Have you tried stalking someone?
  6. What is the good thing about stalking someone?
  7. What is the bad thing about stalking someone?
  8. Do you want to try what Gary Kovacs did?
  9. How would you let the tracker track you?
  10. What would you show them?
  11. If you don’t like being track, what would you do?
  12. Do you think telling a police can help?
  13. Do you want to know other people’s information?
  14. What are the information would you want to know from others?
  15. Why do you think the trackers are tracking us?


Part 3   (Activity): FIND THE SYNONYM OF A WORD

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