Questions バリー・シュワルツ氏が語る、選択のパラドックスについて

Part 1   (Comprehension Questions with Sample Answer):

  1. What does the speaker talked about?
  2. What does she know about the topic? –
  3. Where did Jim and Shirley Modini spend their 68 years of marriage?
  4. How did Jim and Shirley spend their final years?
  5. Who died first?
  6. How many practices did the speaker show?
  7. What are those practices?


 Part 2   (Express Yourself Questions):

  1. What is your reaction after watching this video?
  2. Are you afraid to die? Why?
  3. In some cultures people mourn death and others celebrate it. Do you think death is a mournful cessation of life or a celebration?
  4. Which among death ritual is preferable: burial, cremation or mummification?
  5. What do you think happens after a person dies?
  6. Where do you want to be when you’re no longer independent?
  7. What do you want in terms of medical intervention?
  8. Who’s going to make sure your plan is followed?
  9. Do you think the grieving process is different for different ages?
  10. Do you know someone who has died from a from disease?
  11. What are some ways which you can help a family which has just experienced the death of a family member.
  12. How can you help someone who is dying?
  13. Are you ready to die?
  14. What are some useful euphemisms for telling someone that someone they know has died?
  15. How does it feel when your loved one dies and you were unable to see them for the last time?
  16. What Is End-of-Life Care?
  17. Have you ever lost someone close to you?
  18. How do you tell someone that someone they know has died?
  19. Why are so many people afraid of death, when it is unavoidable?
  20. What causes death?


Part 3 (Activity):   Vocabulary: Multiple Choice

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