Questions マイケル・サンデル「なぜ市場に市民生活を託すべきではないのか?」

Part 1   (Comprehension Questions with Sample Answer):

  1. What did he said about being sentenced to jail term in Santa Barbara, California?
  2. What solution did they apply for those who don’t want to stand in long lines if they go to the amusement park?
  3. What example did he share regarding “Paid line standing.”?
  4. What is the difference between Market economies to Market societies?
  5. What market values begin to dominate every aspect of life?
  6. What reasons did he stated on the question; “why worry about our becoming market societies?”
  7. Give me one example he use for controversial use of a market mechanism, and cash incentive?
  1. In his lecture he asks some of the audiences’ opinion. What is the opinion of Heike Moses?
  2. How about Elizabeth Loftus’ opinion?
  3.  What isn’t good for democracy?


Part 2   (Express Yourself Questions):

  1. Why we shouldn’t trust markets with our civic life?
  2. What should be the role of money and markets in our societies?
  3. Would you worry about our becoming market societies?
  4. What would you do if you’re at the last line of buying a ticket for a concern of your favorite singer?
  5. You saw a women standing at the last line to buy a food, there’s no counter for senior citizens. What should you do?
  6. Do you think our world can become a better place if we use money all the time?
  7. Have you ever tried paying someone to fall in line for you?
  8. Do you want to try the incentive for your kids in the future so that they will learn and study hard?
  9. Is it okay to read books and get a pay?
  10. What do you think about incentive programs at work?
  11. Do you think Perfect attendance, best employees, Honor student; etc… incentives programs (Money) needs to be implemented in your company/school?
  12. In your own idea, what is intrinsic motivation?
  13. What would you do if you have a failing grade and your teacher would ask you to pay for it to pass the exam?
  14. In what way can we motivate ourselves without using money?
  15. Michael Sandel’s asked; do we want a society where everything is up for sale,or are there certain moral and civic goods that markets do not honor and money cannot buy?

Part 3 (Activity): VOCABULARY MATCH
ted 10