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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

The things we learn from our friends are more important than what we learn from our family.

 Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. 

エッセイ(回答) 転換語(Transition)に注目!

When I think about the lessons I have learned in my life, I find many similarities in what I learned from my friends and from my family. There are also differences. Both kinds of lessons have been very important to me. However, when I consider them carefully, I know that the lessons from my family are more important.

While my friends have taught me to enjoy my life, my family has taught me to be strong. My friends have taught me how to feel independent. They have encouraged me to be myself, to have a lot of fun, and to find happiness in life. On the other hand, my mother has taught me to be independent in a very different way. When I was a child, she gave me advice such as “Fight your own battles.” She said that so I would be strong because she could not always protect me. Sometimes this was very difficult for me when I wanted my mother to help me, even though I knew her advice was important.

Furthermore, my family has taught me compassion and forgiveness. My younger brother taught me these qualities. I will never forget that once I was cruel to him because I was angry. My brother was afraid of the dark, but I turned off

the lights to scare him. He was only six years old, and he was afraid and cried.

But later he asked me to read a book to him until he fell asleep. It was his way

to forgive me. I can never forget how my little brother taught me how to forgive.

I believe that our family teaches us the most important things because the lessons from family last longer. My family has taught me to be independent and strong, and this will help me during my whole life. Moreover, they have taught me how to forgive, which is necessary for getting along with other people. In short, the lessons from my family were not always enjoyable, yet they are deeper in my heart.