Perfect Master (Intermediate) Question 1 レッスンの流れ

TOEFL スピーキング  Independent Tasks 「学習ステップ」

マイチューター 「TOEFL スピーキング Perfect Master (Intermediate)」 

カリキュラムでは、Question 1  ( Independent Tasks)   対策として、試験問題標準レベルで様々な


目標スコアー 80点(Speakingセクション 20点)を目指す受講者に適した



ステップ   1  始める前に(1)  トピックに関連した会話を聞いて質問に答える

ステップ   2  始める前に(2)    トピックに関連した講義を聞いて質問に答える

ステップ   3  解答を組み立て   解答へ導くために用意された質問に解答する。

ステップ   4  スピーキング    上の情報を基に解答する。

ステップ 4  比較と復習     模範解答を聞いて、自分の解答と比較します。 


Read and answer the question following each step

▮ Question

Some people take trips by themselves. Others take trips with groups of people. Which kind of trip do you prefer and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your preference.

STEP 1   |Before you start(1)|Listen to the dialogue. Then, answer the questions to get some ideas about the subject.


W: What are you going to do for your spring break vacation, Henry?

M: I haven’t made any plans yet.

W: There’s a group from our dorm going skiing in Vermont.

M: Sounds good. Who’s going?

W: Let’s see, I think ten people. David, Alan, Joe, Steve,Tom …

M: Tom? No way. I’m not going anywhere with him.

W: Why not?

M: He’s cheap and never wants to spend his money. Besides, he can never make up his mind about anything. Anyway, in a group that size, there’s bound to be a problem.

W: Maybe you’re right. So what are you going to do?

M: I think I might just go home to see my family.

1 What are they discussing?


2 Where is the group of students planning to go?


3 Why doesn’t Henry want to go on the trip?


4 Do you think Henry enjoys skiing?


▮ 解答例

  1. They are discussing their plans for spring break.
  2. hey are planning to go skiing in Vermont.
  3. He doesn’t want to go because of Tom’s character and because the group is too big.
  4. Yes, he enjoys skiing because he said it sounded like a good idea.

STEP 2   |Before you start(2) | Now listen to the lecture. Then, answer the questions to get some ideas about the subject.


Tourism is big business all over the world. The package trip with a tour group is the most popular way to travel for the elderly, with almost 85% of tour group travelers being 50 years and older. Many hotels give discounts of up to 20% for large groups. On the other hand, for young travelers, backpacking remains popular, especially in Europe. Some travel alone while others go with friends, but young travelers almost never join tour groups. In a recent survey, the main reasons for not joining tour groups were the cost and desire to have a flexible schedule. However, young travelers, especially women, are advised to travel with others to avoid dangers.

1 Which two groups of people does the lecturer compare?


What is one advantage of traveling in a large group?


3 Why are young people advised to travel with others?


4 What can be inferred about the schedule of a tour group?


▮ 解答例

1. She compares elderly and young travelers.

2. Large groups can get discounts at hotels.

3.  They should travel with others to avoid the dangers of traveling alone.

4.  It isn’t flexible.

STEP 3 Organizing  解答の組み立て | Ask yourself the following questions and organize your ideas.

1 Which of the two choices do you prefer?

2. Why do you find this choice more preferable?

3 Give some supporting details for your choice.

1 I prefer ________________________________________________ _

2-1 First reason ___________________________________________ _

3-1 Details _________________________________________________


2- 2 Second reason _________________________________________ _

3- 2 Details ________________________________________________


▮ 解答例 A by myself

1. To take a trip by myself

2-1. I can be more flexible when making decisions.

3-1. I can decide where I want to go. I can change my mind if I want to go somewhere different. I don’t have to follow a tight schedule.

2-2. I may not get along with the others in my group.

3-2. We may have different personalities. We could have arguments about many things. I might lose a friend if I argue with one.

▮ 解答例 B with groups

To take a trip with others

2- 1. It’s safer to travel in a group.

3- 1. It’s safer to be with others when traveling. A tour group leader could help us.

2-2. We can have some shared experiences and memories.

3-2. It’s more interesting to travel with others. We can have some experiences that will provide good memories forever

STEP 4  |Response 解答| Make your response using the above information.

I would rather ________________________ One reason I prefer this is


______ On the other hand, ____________________________________ _

Another good point is _________________________________________


STEP 5  | Compare 比較 | Listen to a sample response, and compare it with yours.

解答例 A by myself

Of the two options, I would choose to travel alone than in a group. Firstly, by traveling alone, I can decide where to go and what to do. I don’t have to agree to do something just to make others happy. Also, I can be more flexible and change my mind. My trip can be more exciting and interesting than it would be if I had to follow a tour group’s set schedule. Secondly, I may not get along with the other people I’m traveling with. Everyone has different personalities. Some are lazy or cheap, and others can never make up their minds. If we have an argument, it could ruin the trip or even our friendship. So, I prefer to travel alone.

解答例 B with groups

I’d rather travel in a group than alone. To begin with, traveling in a group is safer than traveling alone. If I were alone, I might have some problems, yet no one could help me, especially in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language. If I’m with a tour group, the leader almost always speaks the local language. In addition, traveling with a group can give you and your travel partners man shared experiences and lots of good memories from the trip. Since it’s more interesting to travel with others, you can get memories from your trip that will last a lifetime. That is why I prefer traveling with a group of people.