Perfect Master (Basic) Question 4 レッスンの流れ

TOEFL スピーキング Question 4 学習ステップ

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目標スコアー 61点(Speakingセクション 15点)を目指す受講者に適した


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ステップ   1 リーディング アカデミックなテーマについての短い課題文を読む

ステップ   2  メモ取り  課題文についての概要をメモします。

ステップ   3  チェックテスト 課題文の理解度をチェックするための質問に解答します。

ステップ   4  リスニング &メモ取り 関連する講義を聞き概要をメモします。

ステップ   5   スピーキング  質問に対し、メモを参考に解答します。

ステップ   6   比較と復習  模範解答を聞いて、自分の解答と比較します。  

▮ Read

STEP 1    | Reading | Read the following an academic subject.

Animal Domestication

Animal domestication is done by asserting dominance. In accordance to their natural instincts, wild animals follow the dominant member of their herd. So people domesticate them by assuming the role of the dominant member .

STEP 2   | Note Taking メモ取り | Take notes on the reading

①  Animal domestication : done by asserting dominance

②  Possible : because animal’s instinct is to follow dominant member

STEP 3  |Organizing 解答の組み立て | Answer the following question using the above information.

Q : According to the passage, how is animal domestication done?

A : People act like the dominant member of the herd. That way, the other animals will follow them.

▮ Listen

STEP 4 | Listening & Note Taking | Listen to a lecture about the same topic, and take notes.


①  Feral horses : have instinct to follow dominant male

②  Domestication : done by taking dominant status out of male




All right. .. Let’s take a look at feral horses that live in the wild. Feral horses live in herds and are led by the dominant male horse. In order to domesticate these animals, humans have altered this behavior by eliminating dominant males. This means that no horse is dominant.

▮ Speak

STEP 5   | Response 解答| Make your response using the above information

Q :   The professor describes feral horses. Example illustrates the principle of domestication

Your Response

People domesticate horses by becoming the dominant member of the herd. This is possible because horses are animals that the principles of animal domestication can apply to.

STEP 6  | Compare 比較 | Listen to a sample response, and compare it with yours.

Feral horses live in herds. And people domesticate the horses by eliminating the dominant males and taking the dominant position. This process is in line with the principles of domestication. According to the principle, animal domestication can be done by assuming the role of the dominant member.