Perfect Master (Basic) Question 3 レッスンの流れ

TOEFL スピーキング Question 3 学習ステップ

マイチューター 「TOEFL スピーキング Perfect Master (Basic)」 カリキュラムでは、

Question 3  対策として、比較的易しい様々なトピックを使い、


目標スコアー 61点(Speakingセクション 15点)を目指す受講者に適した


TOEFL初級者(例:英検準2級以下、TOEIC 500点以下)で

リスニングが苦手な方はリスニングのない「TOEFL特訓ゼミ Starter」



ステップ   1 リーディング 学生生活に関する方針についての短い文章を読む

ステップ   2  メモ取り  トピックと理由の概要をメモします。

ステップ   3  チェックテスト 上記情報の理解度をチェックするための質問に解答します。

ステップ   4  リスニング    関連する会話を聞き、主張と理由をメモします。

ステップ   5   スピーキング  質問に対し、メモを参考に解答します。

ステップ   6   比較と復習  模範解答を聞いて、自分の解答と比較します。  

▮ Read

STEP 1    | Reading | Read the following passage about a campus situation.

Additional Writing Course

Attention, science students. Starting next semester, the school will be offering two writing classes: Basic Writing for Science and Intermediate Writing for Science. These classes have been made in response to the recent complaints about the writing abilities of science students. Students who want to take either of these two classes should meet Professor Johnson first and get an application form.

STEP 2   | Note Taking | Take notes on the reading

①  Topic: New writing courses for science students

②  Reason: To increase science students’ writing  abilities

STEP 3  |Organizing 解答の組み立て | Answer the following question using the above information.

Q : What is the school going to do?

A : The school will offer two writing classes to help improve its science students’ writing.

▮ Listen

STEP 4 | Listening & Note Taking | Listen to a conversation on the same topic, and take notes.


Woman      Opinion  Likes the classes

                  Reason : The classes will teach him how to write and be more         

persuasive,and they may help him get into graduate school.

Man            Opinion: Dislikes the classes

                  Reason: These classes are a waste of time since she can already write.


M : Did you hear about the new writing class? I think this is a waste of time considering that all of us can already write. Why do we need to learn writing? We will become scientists,not writers!

W : Oh, do you think so? Well, I disagree with you. I think these new classes are great. I always hated English classes, so I never developed any writing skills. You know, these   classes will not just be about writing but will also teach us how to be more persuasive. Hopefully, taking these classes can help me get into graduate school.

▮ Speak

STEP 5   | Response 解答| Make your response using the above information

Q   The man expresses his opinion about the new classes the school will offer. State his opinion and explain the reasons he gives for having that opinion.

Your Response

The man thinks the new classes are great. Because he hated English class, he doesn’t have any skills. So he wants to take the class in order to go to graduate school.

STEP 6  | Compare 比較 | Listen to a sample response, and compare it with yours.

the man likes the classes because he wants to improve his writing skills to get into graduate school. He always hated English classes, so his skills have not improved.