バンドスコア7.0〜のテクニック   高度な文章構成

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▮ 質の高い語彙と内容は高得点の秘訣!

プレゼンテーション スキル ( アイコンタクト、息継ぎ、話の適度なスピードなど)も大切です。
IELTS スピーキングは、試験管との対面式ですから、淡々と話すだけでは相手は退屈します。 よりエキサイティングで刺激的な話の内容にしましょう。
バンドスコア 7 .0 や 8.0 といった高スコアーを得るためには、語彙の配置、文法の適切さ、話の構成力を期待しています。

ielts speaking 10



▮    スピーキング バンドスコアを上げるには !


それでは、左右の文章を比較してみましょう。 明らかに右の文章の方が、高度な文法と適切な語彙の配置で勝っていますね。

しかしながら、高度な語彙や構文に不安がある場合、あなたの知っているシンプルな語彙をお使いください。 あまりに完成度を追いかけ過ぎて間違えるといけません。


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A good vocabulary and content are important for the speaking exam. Adopt good presentation skills such as eye-contact, pauses, speaking not too fast or slow. Read up and visualize a few possible questions. Make your answers exciting and passionate. The IELTS examiner expects you to show ‘some awareness of style and collocation’ to reach a Band 7 or Band 8.

Compare the sentences – which is better?


Smoking is bad for your health. Smoking has a major impact on your health.
Acid rain is bad for buildings. Acid rain does enormous harm to buildings.
Team games make children’s social skills better. Team games lead to an improvement in children’s social skills.
Living in a city is better than living in a rural area. Living in a city has many advantages over living in a rural area.
Imported films and music are bad for local traditions. Imported films and music have a negative effect on local traditions.


The sentences on the right are better because they show style because they have academic tone, and collocation because you are using the correct verb, adjective and preposition with the noun.


Remember that possessing a good stock of words is important, even more so than the writing exam where you have the luxury of review and edit. However, fluency takes precedence over vocabulary, and if you feel you have forgotten the words, it is better to display a level of fluency with simple terms you know rather than struggle with numerous pauses while searching for the perfect word.





What students have to do in IELTS Speaking Part Two?

a.           The examiner gives the candidate a task sheet on which is written a topic that they must speak   about on their own for one minute.


b.           The examiner gives the candidate a task sheet on which is written a topic that they must speak   about on their own for two minutes.


c.           The examiner gives the candidate a task sheet on which is written a topic that they must speak   about on their own for three minutes.


IELTSリーディング Tips⑭



-edited by Shanti



IELTS reading test is similar to listening, it has 40 items which is also the highest score a candidate can get.  One correct answer is equivalent to one point for the score that ranges from Band 1 to Band 9 and the scores are reported in whole and half bands. Take a look at the raw scores illustrated below to give an indication of the score you want to achieve.


General Training     Academic Reading  
Band Score Raw score out of 40 Band Score Raw score out of 40






























On the actual Reading test, a candidate will be asked to read three different passages, which  contains  2,150 – 2,750 words in total, and answer the questions deliberately. The purpose of the test is to asses one’s reading skills on how well a candidate read the general sense of a passage, the main ideas, the details and also how wide the understanding of inferences and implied meaning; how good one can recognize a writer’s opinion, attitude and purpose and how good one follows the development of an argument.

Whichever version of IELTS one gets, the test takes 60 minutes and a candidate is not allowed to get more time to transfer the answers so it’s wise to write them straight to the answer sheets. Time management here is very essential.


Be mindful of the questions and read instructions carefully. There are 40 variety of question types used. The candidate will be asked to fill gaps in a passage or table, to match heading to text, diagrams or charts, to complete sentences, to give short answers to open questions and answer multiple choice questions. Take note that one word is sometimes asked to answer the questions, short phrases or a simple letter or simple.


There are no penalties for incorrect answers so answer all the questions because you have nothing to lose and if you have more time don’t forget to check and review your answers.